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Oral Portfolio Deadline is Coming!

by Vedernikova Julia -


We've got very little time left till oral portfolio deadline:

  • group LINb-2002a - 5th June, 12:45-16:00;
  • group LINb-2002b - 6th June, 10:15-11:45 + 9th June, 8:30-10:00.
  • group LINb-2202a - 9th June, 12:45-16:00;
  • group LINb-2102a - 14th June, 8:30-11:45;
  • group LINb-2102b - 15th June, 8:30-11:45;

By this date, make sure you:

  1. are ready with the oral literary analysis, accoring to the timing, the plan & with the right number of words from your wordlist;
  2. have learnt all your words from the wordlist;
  3. have your book with you in any form (paper/e-/online version) for translation (2nd & 3rd years).

Useful Links

by Vedernikova Julia -

Here are some useful links to practise your English

Online Dictionaries & Reference Materials:

Play & Learn:

 Listening & Reading etc:




Language learning benchmarks & principles: